Disrupting Hardware Lifecycle

The lifecycle of modern technology is typically described as five stages, ranging from R&D to Decline. The hardware lifecycle is an economy unto itself, forcing enterprises of all sizes to refit when manufacturers move on to the new model and pull support even when functionality is not a problem. Disrupting the traditional tech lifecycle and providing incredible value by doing it is at the core of our Hardware procurement ITAD and EOSL offering. We enable our partners to break free of the traditional constraints of service life and maximize ROI for the entire lifecycle of your hardware by providing lightning-fast access to legacy hardware and parts. We’re your profit resource from initial hardware purchase to final repurchase through our ITAD program.

Resellers with limited access to hardware supply and distribution deserve the best prices in the industry regardless of order size or budget. Our team offers tailor-made hardware solutions to suit your needs, from full data center procurement to EOSL and spare parts replacement on individual server racks. Our unique procurement and supply chain processes ensure you get the most of your hardware, including legacy replacements and legacy parts delivered overnight. If you have immediate needs for legacy parts, hardware, or EOSL services.

Complete Lifecycle Partnerships

Our channel brings unprecedented value to new and legacy hardware purchasing, maintenance while wiping data and ensuring asset disposition runs smoothly and creates minimal E-Waste. Mohawk is your partner from the beginning to the end of your IT technology lifecycle. Mohawk partnerships can tailor hardware offerings to the individual enterprise as an open channel distributor, providing incredible value to your hardware spend or reseller margins. Our commitment to minimizing e-waste, extending the life of existing technology, and protecting our partners’ sensitive data represents the cornerstone of our 30-year success story. In short, Mohawk is here to maximize your Hardware ROI through every phase of your tech life cycle, all while reducing your labor hours and outfitting stresses.

Unparalleled Experts in Asset Distribution

Upgrades and unavoidable advances in technology often leave procurement departments wondering what to do with the assets that are being phased out. Upgrades are going to occur, and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is often overlooked when equipment purchasing and integration is of paramount importance to keep your enterprise going. When you replace existing equipment, your old equipment has to go somewhere. ITAD is often the least considered aspect of the upgrade and installation process, one that can create incredible value in offsetting hardware spend. We simplify and streamline this process to maximize your profits. Allowing you to focus on the important tasks of upgrade and installation while offering a refund and carbon offset by reclaiming your old hardware is one of our core competencies.

Our teams remove existing technology in a seamless process and ensure each piece of your equipment is scrubbed of all data and ready to return to the open market. Our unique process and ACT certification identify problems, modifications, and issues with your existing tech, removing corrupted or nonfunctioning pieces from the channel, ensuring that your data is protected and your carbon footprint avoids crashing into the rising tide of E-Waste, all while ensuring your maximum ROI on existing equipment.

Commitment to Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainable practices starts with practical, sustainable goals. We’re focused on keeping e-waste out of landfills and lowering the carbon footprint of our partners through ethical sourcing and asset reclamation. Ensuring that every piece of hardware that’s valuable to the open channel stays in the open channel for ease of access by end-users has been our priority since day one. Ensuring we deliver maximum value for our partners across the entire IT and data center procurement process, maintenance, and eventually, replacement and removal or resale process is our core competency. Delivering unparalleled open channel purchasing power by focusing on keeping everything from new-in-box hardware to carbon-free cabling solutions sourced and equitably priced in the open channel as long as possible is our passion.

Supply Chain Superheroes™

Emergency access to high-speed supply chain solutions can save exponential money when data centers or IT hardware breaks down or malfunctions. We work around the clock to provide coast-to-coast coverage tailored to our partners’ specific needs. Our open-source channel keeps physical stockpiles on each coast and central storage facilities, allowing for overnight delivery of legacy, replacement hardware, and component parts when you need them most. Rapid response and replacement services create exponential savings in the wake of critical hardware failure.

Our reach and rapid deployment allow for lightning reconfiguration and relocation in an upgrade or a disaster, as well as removal and resale of your existing equipment in the rapidly shifting business environment. By offering highly competitive pricing for shuttered IT and data center assets, we can create incredible value where profit loss is practically guaranteed in similar situations. We can pull your equipment fast and use it to offset the cost of your upgrades or an opportunity to create additional profits, saving your precious time and creating profits.

Easy access throughout lifecycle

As procurement specialists and EOSL experts, our commitment to open channel, profit-based partnerships keep our business relationships in it for the long haul. Our procurement team can deliver new-in-box hardware, bulk hardware, and pulls, as well as refurbished and repurposed hardware overnight to meet your exact specifications and configurations. As your valued equipment ages, we can provide rapid response solutions for spare and replacement parts, legacy equipment and parts, and provide long-term EOSL options well beyond the expected manufacturer lifespan. When it is time for upgrades or replacements, our sustainable solutions program offers you the maximum value on your current equipment and ensures your data is completely protected in the process.

Rapid deployment, removal, and EOSL services make us lasting long-haul partners for enterprises of all sizes.

Data Destruction

Simple solutions are the best solutions when it comes to long-term equipment maintenance. When equipment reaches the end of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) support, End of Life (EOL) and End of Service Life (EOSL) services offer simple, effective, sustainable solutions independent of current supply line crises and disruptions. EOL support services allow

Partners in lifecycle security.

Complete security solutions require the latest in data removal and erasure techniques throughout the hardware lifecycle. Erasing sensitive data in real-time, managing data removal from hundreds of drives simultaneously, and providing proof of total deletion is only the beginning of what our partnership with Blanco brings to the table. An internationally respected expert in data sanitation, Blanco offers unparalleled data removal options. As part of our ITAD services, Blanco data removal ensures your assets receive verifiable data sanitation ensuring your security while creating profits and carbon offsets with your depreciated drives, LUNS, servers, and VM’s. Click here for more information!

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