Why Choose Mohawk to be Your Profit Resource?

As a 100% customer centric company, Mohawk works tirelessly to turn procurement and asset disposition into increased profit for our partners. Mohawk can lower your hardware and maintenance spends and put more money into your IT budget or teams pocket by offering:

ITAD Services

Asset Recovery, Data Sanitization, Secure Auditing & Transportation, Asset Destruction, Asset Documentation to Support Zero Landfill initiative.

Mohawk’s Supply Chain Hero®

Increase your budget by utilizing Excess and previously owned New Product for a fraction of Distributing Costs

Servers, Networking and Storage

Legacy Hardware Sourcing & Support Keeps your existing network running for years after manufacture end of sales date. Please ask about legacy stocking and next day parts replacement.


Saving valuable time, energy, and money with the best IT sourcing strategies on the market is our passion. Mohawk offers unparalleled open channel access to IT and Data Center hardware solutions at price points that are often reserved for preferred channel partners.

• New

• Refurbished

When it is time to replace, our IT Asset Disposition(ITAD) team has 30 years of experience upgrading, repurposing, and reselling EOSL technologies. We help improve your bottom line while providing an environmentally friendly alternative.

Maximizing the ROI on your equipment is important – but it shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind. You need a partner who has a proven process, a sophisticated ERP for tracking and transparency and a focus on security to protect your most precious asset – your data.


Reliable assets require 24/7 monitoring and a regular update schedule. Routine hardware maintenance accounts for an incredible amount of operating expenses and massive drains on potential returns on hardware investments. Hardware Maintenance offerings from Mohawk create lasting opportunities for savings across the hardware lifecycle.

As part of our service offerings, our Buyback program can offer significant cash and carbon offsets when it is time to upgrade your IT hardware


ACT® Authentication
Compliance Technologies

Mohawk stands behind every hardware component that comes through our hands. ACT: Authentication Compliance Technology is a multi step process that was developed specifically for the open market, for all OEMs, as a means to ensure that only authentic, unaltered hardware stays in the Channel.

Sensible. Sustainable.

Secure Hardware Solutions.

As an ethical, sustainable, socially conscious company, we create profits while improving sustainable business models. Mohawk is engaged in continuous research, refinement, and reinforcing our services to align with our guiding principles. With every refurbishment, resale, and reimaging of technology, we take another step to minimize our partners’ carbon footprint and keep E-waste out of landfills. More importantly, we keep as much legacy hardware as possible serviceable in the open channel by working as a complete open channel partner for all of your hardware needs.

Costs ​

Refurbished and repurposed equipment, legacy hardware and component distribution, long-term maintenance services and EOSL services circumvent these costs entirely. ITAD services offer additional profit opportunities and credits when it is time to trade up for newer hardware.

Supply Chain Hero®
Legacy Parts and Support

Support is here to save the day! Supply Chain Hero® is here to make running your enterprise seamless and hassle free even after your hardware expires from its original manufacture’s warranty. Get next day air replacement parts, tech support by Mohawk support staff 24X7. Supply Chain Hero is offered in Silver, Gold and Platinum Tiers to meet your companies needs and budget. Extending hardware and software lifecycles extends budgets and enterprise stability. Even the most reliable hardware and software can be abandoned when the original manufacturer moves on to a new product line or new iteration of their software. Most software and hardware, especially essential legacy hardware that your enterprise relies on can have its shelf life expanded exponentially with essential EOSL services and hardware maintenance. EOSL services can keep your hardware in play for months or years longer than expected, allowing you to maintain current profits and minimize overall hardware spend.


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