Resale Certificates by State:


State: State Requirements: Download Form:
 Alabama Multijurisdiction Form Adobe PDF Documentmultijurisdiction_Mohawk
Arizona* AZ Certificate or AZ # on Multijurisdiction Form Adobe PDF Document60-2018_Arizona_Mohawk or
Adobe PDF Documentmultijurisdiction_Mohawk
California CA Certificate or CA # on Multijurisdiction Form Adobe PDF DocumentBOE230_CAcustomers or
Adobe PDF Documentmultijurisdiction_Mohawk
Colorado CO Certificate & CO State License Adobe PDF DocumentDR0563_Colorada_Mohawk
Connecticut CT Certificate or CT # on Multijurisdiction Form Adobe PDF Documentresalecert_Connecticut_Mohawk
Adobe PDF Documentmultijurisdiction_Mohawk
DC DC Certificate or DC # on Multijurisdiction Form Adobe PDF Documentdc_fr368_DC_Mohawkor
Adobe PDF Documentmultijurisdiction_Mohawk
Florida FL Certificate        State Issued
Georgia GA or Home State # on GA Certificate Adobe PDF DocumentST5_Georgia
Illinois IL Certificate & IL Registration Adobe PDF DocumentCRT-61_Illinois_Mohawk
Indiana IN Certificate Adobe PDF Document49065_Indiana_Mohawk
Kentucky Form 51A105 or Home State# of KY on Multijurisdiction Form Adobe PDF Document51A1051209_Kentucky_Mohawk or
Adobe PDF Documentmultijurisdiction_Mohawk
Louisiana LA Certificate & LA Registration Adobe PDF DocumentLouisana_Tax_Cert_Mohawkand State Issued
Maine ME Certificate         State Issued
Maryland MD Certificate or MD # on Multijurisdiction Form Adobe PDF Documentmultijurisdiction_Mohawk
Massachusetts MA Certificate Adobe PDF Documentst-5_massachusetts_Mohawk
Michigan MI Certificate Adobe PDF Document3372_216612_7_Michigan_Mohawk
Mississippi MS State Issued Permit        State Issued
Nebraska Home State # on NE form Adobe PDF Documentf_13_Nebraska_Mohawk
New Jersey NJ Certificate for customers registered in NJ Adobe PDF Documentst3_NewJersey_Mohawk  or
Adobe PDF Documentmultijurisdiction_Mohawk
NJ Certificate for customers using home state number Adobe PDF Documentst3nr_NewJersey_Mohawk
New Mexico NM Certificate       State Issued
Nevada NV will accept Home State Certificate Adobe PDF DocumentResale_Nevada_Mohawkor Home State
New York Home State # on NY form Adobe PDF Documentst120_NewYork_Mohawk
North Carolina NC will accept Streamlined form Adobe PDF DocumentNorthCarolina_Mohawk
Ohio Home State # on OH form Adobe PDF DocumentST_STEC_B_FI_Ohio_Mohawk
Oklahoma Multijurisdiction Adobe PDF Documentmultijurisdiction_Mohawk
Pennsylvania Home State # on PA form Adobe PDF DocumentPA_Mohawk
Rhode Island Home State # on RI form – Will accept Streamline form Adobe PDF DocumentRI-Resale-Certificate_Mohawk
South Carolina Home State # on SC form Adobe PDF DocumentSouth-Carolina_Mohawk
South Dakota Home State # on SD form Adobe PDF Documentexemption_certificate_SouthDakota_Mohawk
Tennessee TN certificate – Will accept Streamline form Adobe PDF DocumentTennessee_resale_Mohawk
Texas Home State # on TX form Adobe PDF Document01-339_Texas_Mohawk
Utah UT Certificate Adobe PDF Documenttc-721_Utah_Mohawk
Virginia Home State # on VA form Adobe PDF DocumentWest_Virginia_certificate_Mohawk
West Virginia WV Certificate Adobe PDF DocumentWest_Virginia_certificate_Mohawk
Wisconsin WI Certificate Adobe PDF Documents-211_wisconsin_Mohawk
*Sales to Federal Government are taxed in AZ.